Meridian Library District Orchard Park Branch

New community library specifically designed to remove barriers to access and support the needs of neurodivergent community members

This new community library is designed to create connections in the community with a focus on removing barriers to access and expanding all-inclusive services and programs. In response to a public input process and focus group sessions with parents and local educators, the design team developed a design that supports the needs of neurodivergent community members, going beyond merely providing a dedicated sensory space to creating a holistic library experience approach focused on sound, durability, lighting, extension of tactile surfaces, and ease of building use. The library serves as a family-oriented gathering and learning center designed to inspire creativity and a sense of purpose.

"[The project] illustrates the value of community-led engagement, forward thinking, and alignment between finish, infrastructure, and organizational programming to create buildings that celebrate their communities now and in the future.”
—Emily Petty Puckett | Library Journal
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