Generative Impacts

We care deeply about the world next generations will inherit and know that decisions made about the built environment today will have a major impact on their future. A better building industry is better for the world and for our clients. Every project is an opportunity to transform the industry.

Measurable Progress

Great design is both art and science. Our research and project initiatives focus on making progress with specific metrics—including net-zero energy, net-zero water, healthy and sustainable building materials, and human well-being—all in balance with beauty and the experiential. Our goal is to measure the results of each initiative on every project so that we can continue to improve the world and the lives of our clients.


Our Materials Initiative

We want every material choice in our industry to be a good choice. Since this effort is bigger than any one firm, we need project owners and other design firms to work with us to change the marketplace. We have developed guidelines around transparency, sustainability, and health for our own materials library, including a one-page handout that communicates our criteria for product sales reps and a training guide for design staff. Please use the form below to receive a link to download our criteria and training guide.

Materials Library Entry Criteria and Guide Request Form

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Sustainable Design Achievements


LEED Certified Projects