About MSR Design

MSR leads a self-renewing practice. This approach has two meanings, each reinforcing the other. Internally, it means creating an inspiring environment for practicing architecture and giving a daily sense of purpose and energy to our work. Externally, it means that the work we produce embodies a quality, worthiness, and grace that generates more opportunities to create.

Our history

Since 1981, our firm has produced work of enduring value: buildings that are expressly right for their specific time and place and that culturally and physically age well. Thomas Meyer, FAIA, Jeffrey Scherer, FAIA, and Garth Rockcastle, FAIA, established MSR in 1981 with a determination to create innovative, responsible, and enduring work. MSR’s pursuit of self-renewal continues today. The current firm leaders are committed to carrying forward MSR’s values and to bringing new energy, ideas, and skills to meet complex, interconnected challenges related to the built and natural environments for our clients and communities.

Our culture

MSR nurtures a creative culture. We work in a healthy environment focused on generating ideas collaboratively. We challenge, support, and empower each other to push our work forward and to engage each other in lifelong learning.

Our awards

American Institute of Architects (AIA) national recognition

Other national and international recognition

AIA chapter awards

Work with us

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