MSR Design 510 Marquette Studio

New studio and workplace in downtown Minneapolis that offers a flexible, equitable, inclusive work environment focused on human well-being

Located in a large open space on the second floor of a 1925 office building, MSR Design’s new studio cultivates a making environment through spaces that support the myriad ways of making architecture and enable the firm to display, rather than hide, the design process. The design arranges workstations around the perimeter near large windows that overlook the adjacent street and light rail station. Various flexible support and working spaces on the interior allow staff to work efficiently, effectively, and creatively in a dynamic environment. The juxtaposition of a solid black box inserted into the open, white perimeter areas defines and delineates the different areas. The firm is seeking Living Building Challenge (LBC) petal certification for the materials, beauty, and equity petals and has adapted the space to adhere to pandemic-related physical distancing requirements.

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