Madison Municipal Building

Constructed in 1929 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Madison Municipal Building (MMB) was originally used as a United States Postal Service facility and federal courthouse. Prior to the restoration, the landmark building’s infrastructure had become worn and outdated, space was not being used efficiently, and the historic design features had been covered up in previous renovations.

The multi-phased renovation and reorganization uncovers and preserves the building’s historic character, while adapting it to serve 21st-century government functions. The project brings together various local government agencies that have been scattered across two buildings to improve customer service and inter-agency communication. Spaces where the public can meet, collaborate, and consult with city staff invites greater civic engagement and creates a center of community life in downtown Madison.

The renovation also involved completely overhauling mechanical and electrical systems to increase the building’s energy efficiency and sustainability. Coupled with a focus on access to daylight and exterior views, healthy materials choices, and equitable workplace practices, the transformation supports the health and well-being of staff, visitors, and ultimately the entire community.

"The improvements are so dramatic in so many respects. . . . Overall, it’s quite breathtaking."
Mike Verveer, 4th District Alderperson, City of Madison
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