Madison Public Library Central Library

Following an extensive renovation and expansion, this once worn, 45-year-old building now feels entirely new.

The library has been completely transformed to adapt gracefully over time, provide a user-centric environment that addresses both customer and staff needs, and offer a community destination that enhances Madison’s cultural offerings. A huge success, the transformed library has become a popular and vibrant community amenity that has spurred urban redevelopment. Since its reopening in September 2013, the third floor spaces have been continuously booked for everything from art openings and concerts to fundraisers and weddings, and new businesses have opened on adjacent blocks, further increasing the vitality of a part of the city that was previously struggling.

Potter Lawson served as associate architect, also providing cost estimating and electrical engineering for the project.

"A renovation and addition have dramatically transformed the library to coincide well with the city that it serves. . . . It's the community's new soul."
—John Czarnecki, Contract Magazine
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