K.O. Lee Aberdeen Public Library

Offering something for everyone in the way of inviting reading nooks, study spaces, natural light, community rooms, and even a demonstration kitchen, this new public library has become an essential hub for the community.

As a new living room for the city, the new building inspires and serves the needs of the community as a center of creativity, research, and collaboration. Its linear configuration along 3rd Avenue reflects the predominantly Craftsman/Prairie style vernacular of the railroad depots located in Aberdeen. Because of the many railroad lines that ran through the city, creating spokes connected to a hub, the City of Aberdeen is nicknamed the “Hub City.” Located near the heart of where those railroad lines first converged more than 100 years ago, the new library links the past to the future, becoming another kind of community hub, designed to connect and enrich patrons for many generations.

CO-OP Architecture served as executive architect on the project.

“A bright, roomy facility that serves as a center for both learning and creativity, with reading nooks, community rooms, and a demonstration kitchen.”
—Phil Morehart, American Libraries
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