MSR Design announces new associates

We are pleased to announce that Brooke Smalley, Caitlin Maus, Jerry Blanchard, Jeryl Aman, and Susan Morgan have been named firm associates.

“Brooke has brought a very creative and thoughtful approach to a wide range of projects. Her talent transcends project type, benefits our firm broadly, and has a significantly positive impact on our work and on our clients. In addition to a very deep talent, Brooke demonstrates a thoroughness and attention to detail. We congratulate Brooke as a new firm associate and look forward to her continued growth and contributions.”
—Jack Poling, Principal

“Caitlin is a talented designer with the ability to contribute from concept to detail. Her dedication to design quality makes her a sought-out and valued team member. Caitlin and also makes MSR as a whole better by ensuring our product library contains only healthy and sustainable materials. All of our projects and clients benefit from this critical work. We are pleased to honor Caitlin’s contributions to MSR by making her an associate.”
—Traci Engel Lesneski, Principal

“Jerry is a talented architect that I enjoy working with. He is thoughtful and creative; able to bring forward award winning projects at varying scales with both frugal and generous budgets. Jerry has the talent to be able to find beauty and design opportunities in every circumstance.”
—Paul Mellblom, Principal

“Jeryl has been entrusted with a leadership role on one of our most distinctive and complex projects – Mill 19 at Hazelwood Green in Pittsburgh. He has more than been up to the challenge through design, construction documents, and construction site administration. His talent, experience and dedication has been central to its success. We are very pleased to acknowledge Jeryl’s importance to our firm by honoring him as an associate.”
—Thomas Meyer, Principal

“Susan brings to MSR a keen sense of how complex things come together and has started a research initiative that will advance our work and the industry as whole. She has a unique ability to connect with clients, understand their needs, and win their trust with ease.”
—Matthew Kruntorad, Principal


  • 2 out of 2: MSR Design receives both the 2023 AIA Minnesota Honor Awards

    The state’s most prestigious recognition for buildings designed by Minnesota architects, the AIA Minnesota Honor Awards celebrate projects that demonstrate excellence in two or more of the 10 AIA Framework for Design Excellence measures.

  • MSR Design wins two Metropolis Planet Positive Awards

    Recipients of the Planet Positive Awards represent the highest design achievements related to addressing climate change, ecosystem health, human health, and equity.