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    • Garth Rockcastle’s work in The Architecture Show exhibit at Art at 801
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      ART AT 801
      Located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, 801 Lofts presents art openings three times a year. The three-story atrium and public space is a gallery, Art at 801, to local and national artists who display their work on an ongoing basis. Art and artisans change every four months to display new talent and media. Gallery openings offer residents and the association a chance to open their doors to friends, family, and others who want to support our local art community.

      The current Art at 801 exhibition, “The Architecture Show,” showcases the work of MS&R founding principal Garth Rockcastle and other artists, including Aldo Moroni, Keith Holmes, Laura Miglioroni, Mark Kritz, and Peter Brown.

      “My independent works are architectural discovery processes, rather than conscious constructions with any specific expressive intent in mind. I usually begin with a curiosity or insight in found material or objects. A couple decades ago, this material started as a confiscation, usually found at construction or demolition sites, with which I set out to discover its compositional or expressive potential in some form of reuse. In recent years, I have also been fascinated with the diverse and profound qualities in material found in nature. By taking found natural material apart, subjecting it to re-purpose, reuse or re-appropriation, I discover how its significance can migrate or be reborn in profoundly different ways. I also discover what genius it holds, both in its original form and in subsequent versions. For me, making is a creative process that expands and feeds possibilities. When architects migrated, as professionals, from a more direct relationship to making, to a more abstract relationship with myriad forms of representation, they lost something valuable. While I realize it is not possible to make all that I explore and create architecturally, these discovery exercises provide me with opportunities to discover and deepen what I love about the material and spatial world.”—Garth Rockcastle

      The show runs through September 2012. For more information, visit the 801 Washington Lofts website.

      Garth served as the principal in charge of the 801 Washington Lofts project, which involved the conversion of a historic warehouse building into live/work lofts. The project has been pivotal to area redevelopment.

    • Skin #1 (3D composition: wood, white pine cone bract, eagle feather, antique tools, woven fabric, woven copper wire, toy backhoe)
    • 801 Washington Lofts (illustrative boards that tell the story of how the original building was transformed)
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