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Stahl Construction Office

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    • Overview

      The Stahl Construction company office space derives its beauty from the original building’s inherent industrial aesthetic and the integration of Stahl’s new workplace vision. Redeveloping the building for a mixed-use purpose commingles a focus on the future with compelling references to the past. Stahl’s new space conveys authenticity by remaining true to the building’s original materials palette and to the company’s contemporary business values and approach to construction.

      Minimal interventions of wood, sound proofing, and contemporary lighting strategies enhance the sense of warmth and comfort the space offers employees and visitors. The project supports sustainability goals by using minimal interventions instead of expending energy to build from scratch. Nontoxic materials improve air quality and, combined with ample exterior views, support employee well-being.

      Three distinctive sections in the existing building serve as an organizational tool for programmatic elements. The first section, which has a lower ceiling, houses private offices and the reception area. Self-contained, custom wood constructions, which are detached from existing walls, serve as private executive offices. The middle bay contains a comfortable, light-filled space for the pantry, layout tables, and larger meeting rooms. The epicenter of office culture, this bay includes a gathering space that facilitates collaboration, flexibility, and mobility to energize the staff. With indirect daylight, the third bay supports a quieter, heads-down atmosphere with employee-controlled task lighting and provides opportunity for future growth.

    • self-contained, custom wood constructions serve as private executive offices
    • private conference room
    • space for socialization and hosting community events
    • the space includes a variety of seating options for staff to work and collaborate
    • the design remains true to the building’s original materials palette
    • the middle section bay includes gathering spaces that facilitate collaboration, flexibility, and mobility to energize the staff
    • custom woodwork provides space for private meetings and staff socializing
    • Project Contact

      Garth Rockcastle

      • Architect / Principal
      • garth@msrdesign.com
      • 301 799 3302
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