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Sahara West Public Library and Art Museum

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    • tiny glass rods pierce the building’s shell, admitting day or moonlight inside
    • Overview

      “Rather than make the building the amalgam of two distinct functions and parts, [MSR] conceived a 122,000-square-foot whole that responds to site conditions such as views of downtown to the east and mountains to the west with an attempt to mitigate the effects of the harsh Nevada climate.”—Karen Stein, Architectural Record

      Regional, civic, and site phenomena informed the design of this new joint public library and fine arts museum. A courtyard creates a shared entry for the two separate institutions and is spatially continued by an internal atrium that unites the library and museum. Spaces for shared functions are arranged around this center.

    • the building form reflects the surrounding desert and mountains
    • the courtyard provides an entry protected from the harsh desert surroundings
    • the xeriscape-designed landscape and native plants minimize the need for irrigation
    • shared spaces include an assembly hall, board room, and book and museum stores
    • louvered light monitors and clerestories provide diffuse daylight
    • a moveable ceiling in the main gallery accommodates a variety of exhibit conditions
    • Specifications

      Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

      Type: New construction

      Size: 122,000 square feet

    • Project Contact

      Garth Rockcastle

      • Architect / Principal
      • garth@msrdesign.com
      • 301 799 3302
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      Jack Poling

      • Architect / Principal
      • jack@msrdesign.com
      • 612 384 7574
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      Jeffrey Scherer

      • Architect / Principal
      • jeffrey@msrdesign.com
      • 612 359 3223
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