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Pre-Paid Legal Services Headquarters

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    • a central courtyard includes a reflecting pool and a statue of Lady Justice, PPL’s logo
    • Overview

      “There’s no question this building plays a very important role in the future of our company. It’s a great testament to where we’ve been, but it’s also a great indicator of where we’re going.”
      —Harland Stonecipher, CEO, Pre-Paid Legal Services

      Located on an 85-acre site of rolling hills, this new corporate headquarters houses more than 700 staff for the company’s call center and financial and sales associate services. The design reflects the company’s identity as a 40-year leader in the legal plans industry, while acknowledging its roots in rural Oklahoma. The facility is designed to maximize productivity and personal well-being, aid in recruitment and retention, and honor the contributions of its national sales associates.

    • white marble columns convey the majesty of traditional judicial buildings
    • the front door welcomes visitors and celebrates the company’s legacy
    • interior spaces focus on views of the grounds and provide ample daylight
    • a large theater is used for training, presentations, and events
    • Specifications

      Location: Ada, Oklahoma

      Type: New construction

      Size: 177,000 square feet

    • Project Contact

      Jeffrey Scherer

      • Architect / Principal
      • jeffrey@msrdesign.com
      • 612 359 3223
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