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Media Loft Office

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    • floors were opened to one another, creating a tall open circulation corridor
    • Overview

      This leasehold office space serves as the new headquarters for a progressive, technology-driven media company.

      Its five departments work collaboratively yet independently, and the company wished to have that dynamic reflected in the design. Shared spaces are used for creative project development, teaming, and mixed-media client presentations. The company develops and produces theatrical events for corporate annual meetings and business initiatives. MSR incorporated several theatrical sensibilities and ideas (e.g., perspective manipulation, implied stories, media projections, and sculptural and atmospheric lighting) in the design in order to reflect the client’s mission. As with MSRs’ previous work on Open Book (an important precedent for this project), the design knits together the new with existing, pragmatic with esoteric, and non-technical with cutting-edge technology.

    • fixed perimeter offices house full-time staff
    • flexible workstations are used by staff and consultants working on short-term projects
    • Specifications

      Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Type: Adaptive reuse

      Size: 39,000 square feet

    • Project Contact

      Garth Rockcastle

      • Architect / Principal
      • garth@msrdesign.com
      • 301 799 3302
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