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Centennial Mills Redevelopment

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    • Overview

      Located on the west bank of the Willamette River, Centennial Mills consists of 12 industrial flour mill structures built between 1910 and 1940. The derelict mill complex is now poised to become the pinnacle of a rejuvenated River District.

      Shaped by the mills’ historic use, this redevelopment concept creates a new public space that celebrates Portland’s agricultural, industrial, and maritime heritage, as well as its current standing as a culinary beacon within the country. The plan includes conversion of 50% of the current wharf to open space. With connections to the Greenway Trail and Pearl District’s string of urban parks, the wharf will serve as a draw for residents citywide. Organized by agricultural themes—farm, orchard, market, water—spaces include a water theater that steps down to the river’s edge and faces a dock that doubles as an organic market and venue for other community events.

    • 1. strengthen connectivity
    • Community Focal Point
    • Capturing History
    • Sustainability Approach
    • Provide Open Space
    • Project Contact

      Thomas Meyer

      • Architect / Principal
      • thomas@msrdesign.com
      • 612 359 3222
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