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I recently asked a friend who is a librarian why she loves being a librarian. This is her response:

“When I was getting my Master’s Degree in Library Science, I heard an author speak at the American Library Association’s (ALA) annual conference who said that with every important event in her life, she found herself headed to the library for information. Dating, parent’s drinking, marriage, childbirth, illness, death of a parent, etc. That was when I realized how truly pivotal libraries are in people’s lives. When we are considering a major purchase: Consumer Reports. When we are in transition: wedding etiquette, baby names, divorce, wills and estates, citizenship, job information, etc. When encountering a new endeavor: hobbies, training puppies, cooking, magic tricks, building decks, etc. People also turn to libraries for the newest trends. Currently, questions about eReaders are all the rage.

We use libraries when we need to know a little more about something than we currently know. Sometimes it’s a stepping stone to somewhere else. Sometimes, it’s all we need to know. The point is that it’s a place to turn for recreation, information and/or referral. Questions range from the trivial to the profound and we try to answer or refer every question. Libraries really do make a difference in people’s lives and I’m so fortunate to see that impact firsthand. I love it when people tell us they feel good about their tax dollars supporting libraries. By the people, for the people.

A four-year-old boy came in to the library one day and stopped in his tracks. He looked at his mom and said, ‘This is where we’re going? I love this place!’ and ran off towards the children’s room. I hope he speaks for all of us who use libraries.”

—Jan Gugino, Librarian, Penn Lake Library (branch of Hennepin County Library), Bloomington, MN

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