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Helsinki Central Library design competition

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    • overview of the library design from the competition entry
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      MS&R’s entry for the Helsinki Central Library Open International Design Competition focuses on how the library can become an engaging social platform that binds together city, culture, technology, and nature.

      MS&R’s design breaks open the building’s geometric volume to create a central space that is the heart, lungs, and nerve center of a new kind of holistic library. This central space simultaneously responds to urban, physical, symbolic, sensual, organizational, functional, cultural, environmental, and technological concerns. For example, physically, it moves people from the entry on axis with the Parliament House vertically through the library to the iconic sauna and a view of the far north. Environmentally, it is the aperture that delivers natural light and natural ventilation into the center of the building, serving as a space between inside and outside. Organizationally, it intuitively and clearly orders way-finding and information, where library becomes a verb.

    • context
    • site plan
    • a street of social engagement binds the library with nature and diverse resources
    • south section and elevation, and southeast entry
    • sauna terrace, art exhibition, and social platform spaces
    • children’s area and “library in the park”
    • floor plans: levels 3, 4, and roof level
    • Floor plans: levels -1, 1, and 2
    • library and park in winter
    • sustainable programmatic features
    • library in the urban network and viewed from the park
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