Cedar Park Public Library Proposal Concept

A proposal for a public library that connects recreational park space and new commercial retail

The prompt for this project was to design a 40,000 square-foot library for a new mixed-use development in a central Texas suburb. Development plans included adding commercial retail and apartment housing to existing parkland. MSR Design’s concept provides a public link for these programs within a building that houses public functions, while also integrating private retail. Acknowledging the public park as the social hub of the district, the design positions the library as an inviting extension of that primary public amenity. Along one façade, the library opens onto a grand porch to embrace the social hub. Along another façade, the library acts as display backdrop for an outdoor theater and space for other community events. Along another façade, the building scale shrinks to offer a small commercial alley experience. The challenge was to create a prominent landmark building to establish a new development center piece for the neighborhood, while simultaneously referencing the visual language of the development as a whole.

Cedar Park Public Library Study

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